Unique User Interface combined with a great User Experience and multilingual content means the site is ideal for the company's international client base.



Based in the state of Minnesota, USA, Mainsail Global is a subsidiary of Hiawatha Rubber,  an internationally renown leader in specialized product design and a premier rubber resource since 1955.  With a global client base Mainsail are worldwide leaders in innovation and technology and a are company focused on strategic industrial wastewater management.


We were given an extensive brief to develop a website which broke all conventions of the company's industry.  On top of this we were asked to create a website available in four separate languages as well as an online store with an extensive backend control panel.



From an in-depth discovery process we discovered that the industry is populated with dated websites over burdened with excessive content or at the other extreme with very little content.  We developed an easy navigation leading users to all relevant content with access to all language versions and the company's social media presence.


We broke away from the conventions of a rectangle based layout to create an abstract model of the Grand Canyon, itself shaped by water.  Mainsail Global's international client base is catered with a multilingual ecommerce option combined with an easy to use and extensive backend.