A professional website aimed at a wide target market throughout the UK with great User Interface and User Experience and excellent search engine results for this start-up business.



Keltec Exhausts specialise in custom stainless steel exhausts, sports exhausts, performance exhausts, catalytic converters, hi-flow sports cats & downpipes. They manufacture all types of exhaust systems; standard exhaust to race exhausts.


The brief for the Keltech website was to create a professional brochure website aimed at a wide target market, from professional car modifiers to consumers needing exhaust repairs.


As a business with a new online presence Keltech needed to have a website which was at the spearhead of search results, therefore a targeted SEO strategy was required to achieve the company's goals.


With a clear goal to differentiate the site from the industry standard we set out to create a unique website for Keltec which showcases the uniqueness of the business.


We based the look of the site on Google's Material Design recommendations in terms of both the User Interface and User Experience to deliver a website which achieves both aims comfortably.


High search engine ranking was in the brief and this has been achieved to give this new start business a great online start.